Welcome to Turning Deserts Into Forests (TDIF). We are a non-profit organization [501 (C)(3)] dedicated to helping people worldwide grow their own vegetables, trees and other plants while conserving water, using one eighth (13%) of normal water use.

For every gallon of water normally used, you only need a pint.

How It Works
We use a product that is made of 98% water, along with processed plant fibers and other food-grade ingredients.  It looks like gelatin dessert.  We bury this gel water close to the root ball of a plant we want to grow.  In case of houseplants, we simply lay the gel water on top of the soil in the pot.  Microbes in the soil cause the gel water to release water over time, so slowly that there is no leaching.

The amount of gel water we put around the plant depends on the type of plant and soil, temperature, and other factors.  There are normally just two applications of gel water needed throughout a vegetable plant’s growing season.  In the case of houseplants, one application is usually enough for even extended vacation watering.

What’s New
We continue to research the efficiency, effectiveness, and usability of gel water.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve the efficacy and environmental sustainability of the gel water product we deliver, and services we provide.

Questions, Comments, Suggestions?