I Too Have a Dream

I want to feed the hungry people of the world good food, to conserve our ever precious water supply, to reforest the deserts of the world, and to create employment opportunity.

While working in the lumber industry in 1965, I observed the unnecessary destruction of our forests here in California. I am not against cutting trees as long as the forest is managed in a manner that will insure it’s renewability. This has not been the policy worldwide for, at least, the last 2,000 years. The destruction of our forests is the largest contributor to global warming.

I asked, who is planting new seedling trees, and I always got the same answer, “You don’t have to worry, our forests are a renewable resource.”

I began researching world wide forestry practices and was shocked to learn that the deserts of the world have been expanding for the last 2,000 years, not as the result of a natural phenomenon but due to the clearing of land for agricultural use. A tree planting crusade was launched. I stated that, “If I can influence the planting of 100,000 trees in my life time, I will have made a significant contribution to our environment.”

Northern California has a semi arid climate, no significant rainfall from May to November, and most seedling trees don’t survive after planting unless some source of moisture is provided until the root system is established.

It is not feasible to hand water large numbers of seedling trees twice each week in a mountainous region. I tried many methods of watering including a tank with gravity fed drip lines. My methods were not economically feasible.

In 1987 I was introduced to a retired food chemist, who was working on a moisturizing agent for other purposes. Our kitchen became a laboratory and my wife and I started working with the ingredients in his formula.  Three years later, after mixing many different formulations, a time-release gel water was the end product of our research.

Our Product is a gelled form of water that time releases when placed in the soil near the root ball of a plant. One application can water a seedling tree for 90 days. I estimate that 10 million trees have been planted with 90 plus percent survival.

During the early days of testing, we planted vegetable plants in my garden. We had great success with vegetables. We have grown a large garden every year for the past 20 years with great success using our product as the method of irrigation. We grow corn, beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, pumpkins, cabbage, peppers, herbs, and much more. We give the excess vegetables away to help feed hungry people.

In 1990 we sold a license to a group to manufacture the gel water and I have worked for that group as Director of Research and Development and Production Manager since.

I traveled to Egypt in 1997 to open a gel water factory there.  We planted over one million trees in the new city of “The Sixth of October”. In 2001 I traveled to Inner Mongolia and in 2007 I travel to Morocco to open factories there.  I have planted trees in the countries of Oman, The United Arab Emirates, Egypt, South Africa, Morocco and Inner Mongolia.

I am excited about all the trees that are being planted and am even more excited about the possibilities of feeding the hungry people in the World.  We have formed the non-profit organization, “Turning Deserts Into Forests”, we are a 501(c)(3) corporation.

We will buy the dry ingredients for people to make the gel water and give them the necessary tools and equipment. We will teach them how to make the gel water and how to grow their own food. We can grow any plant on 13% of the water normally used with conventional watering/irrigation.

In return, we will ask them to help us plant trees.  The world needs more trees, now more than ever before.  We have projects under way in Morocco and South Africa.

In conclusion:  We will teach many people to grow their own food and teach them to teach others.  We will conserve the ever precious water supply.  We will plant trees for food, fodder, fuel, shelter, oxygen, and to prevent soil erosion.  We will create the opportunity for employment.

Harold W Jensen
Turning Deserts Into Forests, Inc.
2275 W Hearn Avenue
Santa Rosa, Ca. 95407
EIN # 26-1443193