Planting Trees for Schools

Deaf Students Planting Moringa Seeds in Grow Bags

Puro Fair Trade Coffee and Vineyard Hotel and Spa have joined forces to plant trees for schools.  Ian Loots, a Board of Directors member of Turning Deserts Into Forests is heading up this project with the assistance of Environmentalist Steven Wortrich.

On 3 December, 2008 Ian Loots and Stever Wortrich of Turning Deserts Into Forests, ran a workshop with twenty young students, 10 from the Dominican School for the Deaf and 10 from Baphumelele School (an informal community school for AIDS orphans).  The workshop was sponsored by Trees for Schools ( a Not for Profit Organization) which was established by Miko (suppliers of Puro coffee), as a way to give back some of its profits to the community).  The Vineyard Hotel  also donated trees to the workshop.

The workshop focus was “Planting the Seeds of Hope and Faith for the Future”.  It was centered around teaching the students the importance of trees, how to plant them from seed, and to nurture the trees for their own benefit.

AIDS Orphans Planting Moringa Seeds in Grow Bags

Seeds from the Moringa trees were planted into seedling bags, and the students were all tasked with getting their hands dirty in making the correct soil mixture, and learning how to water the seeds and plants correctly so they flourish.

Present at the workshop were Steve Wortrich, a volunteer for Turning Deserts Into Forests and a qualified horticulturalist and forester, who took the children and their teachers through the process of planting; Ian Loots of Turning Deserts Into Forests; Suzanne Nortje and Pascale Hoare, the originators of Trees for Schools from Miko, the distributors of Puro coffee; and Chris van Zyl from the Vineyard Hotel.